“An interesting plainness is the most difficult thing to achieve.”  

-Mies van der Rohe




About Us

Our Statement of Intent

If your desire is to purchase beautiful and timeless modern furniture the choices can seem overwhelming. How can you have confidence that the design of the piece will endure, that it isn’t the result of the latest trend? Every manufacturer states they are of the highest quality, but how can you really be sure? In five or ten years will you still love your purchase?


Early in our careers as an interior designer and architect we were fortunate to work for some of the most storied modern architecture firms in Chicago. Skidmore Owings & Merril, Holabird & Root and Lohan Associates are practices that helped define classic modern design. We were taught the distinction between “modern” and “contemporary”. It wasn’t about “isms” but a focus on elegance, proportion, materials and purpose in design.


About Us

In July of 1986 we opened MANIFESTO and it was our statement of intent. The focus was on early masters of modern design presenting authorized editions of furniture, lighting and accessories. The pieces were of the highest quality both in terms of design and fabrication. Premier quality and craftsmanship combined with classic enduring design remain at the core of MANIFESTO and the storied companies we represent. In a world full of imitations, disposable goods and a challenging economic environment, we continue our dedication to presenting the finest furnishings.


Our showroom in Chicago’s River North presents over 4000 square feet of furniture, lighting, accessories and floorcoverings. Most of our pieces are made to order, often by small family owned companies. As a result, you can specify fabrics, leathers and various finishes and wood species. Many of our partners will produce variations of a design or a unique custom design if desired.


The furnishings we create are not inexpensive, but if you desire timeless design and lasting quality allowing years of enjoyment, you cannot make a better investment.


Barbara and Richard Gorman